'82 323i E21

The 323i now got a dedicated page as it is owned for very long time already.
In May '02 I bought an almost rust free low milage 323i with following options:

- opal metallic
- 5-speed
- factory sunroof
- 128 000Km
- Bilstein sport suspension 5 level rear height adjustment (factory option?)
- BBS front spoiler (factory option)
- black vinyl sports interior incl. doorboards
- rebuild head (new valves, new seals)
- 15" MIM 1900 wheels
- problems: minor rust on rear towing hook, hood has some dents

New options collected - not yet installed:
- power steering
- 5-speed dog leg sports gearbox
- 3.45 lsd
- headlight cleaning kit 

This is how it looks somewhere in '02 - '04:

In July '14 I reactivated the car and fixed some minor problems:
- reworked front and rear brakes, rebuilt calipers, new rear brake pads
- installed 15" MIMs 1900
- new rubber fuel hoses
- new fuel filter
- tank had some rust inside and has been cleaned and protected with KBS tank seal
- rebuilt distributor and tuned ignition
- replaced rubber seals for injectors
- rebuilt and cleaned auxiliary air valve
- test drive for about 100KM - car runs great

In July '16 I did some more fixes:
- rebuilt and cleaned WUR, cold start valve and aux air valve - which results in a perfect cold start!
- changed tranny and diff oil

In July '21 some more maintenance was done:
- rebuilt front brake calipers
- new front disks
- test drive for 50km...


Some photos from July '14:


Tank clean / service with KBS Standard Tank Sealer:

The fuel tank had a lot of rust inside, this has been cleaned / removed by fixing it onto a concrete mixer and filling it
with about 2kg of Spax screws (50x2.5mm) and some engine cleaner. Each tank rotated then about 2hrs.
After that cycle the whole KBS tank sealer process was applied which ended up with a perfect
sealed and protected tank which now should last forever...



I have no idea what to do with the car right now, I'll garage it
for future use (as I already did for 15+ years). Maybe it will be for sale some day.


to be continued...