New daily driver arrived: '00 530d E39

After some search (2 months) I found a 530d in mint condition in April 2005:

here are some shots:



factory options (too much to be listed - a short summary):
- cosmos schwarz metallic
- face lift Xenon
- face lift rear lenses
- sun roof
- black sports leather
- Radio / CD changer
- M-tech suspension
- M5 front bumper (original)
- M-tech aerodynamic package
- activated factory Webasto heating
- brake upgrade to 324x30 front in spring 2007
- sway bar upgrade: front 25mm (M-Tech II), rear 16.5mm (M5)
- M5 reinforcement braces for rear suspension
- M5 parking brake pads (30mm vs. 20mm)

aftermarket options:

- tinted rear windows
- M5 lookalike exhaust (Rauscher Tuning)
- wheels summer: 8.5x18 front and 10x18 Rondell Type58 with 235/40/18 front and 265/35/18 rear
- wheels winter:  8x17 et10 Mtech wheels from 850i / M5 E34 with 235/45/17
- clear turn signal lamps
- GSM remote control for factory Webasto heating
- Parrot bluetooth hands free phone system
- sw by

- short shift kit -25mm by shortening stock stick
- Wiechers front strut bar installed
- interior molding changed from wooden design to black carbon using 3M Di-noc adhesive foil

Winter '05/'06 impressions:


Winter '11/'12 impressions - salted @ -10C:

brake upgrade 324x30mm:

modification to exhaust:

to make a more TDS like sound (the aftermarket M5 look alike exhaust produced a very strange
- a kind of rustling sound) I implemented a 2nd outlet tube to the stock muffler and
made some modification to the tuning 4-tube part.


M5 rear braces:


M5 parking brake pads:

M5 parking brake pads are 30mm wide (vs. 20mm stock E39).
Same pads are used in X3, X5, M3 E36 and E46 and some Volkswagen Transporters as well.
Installation needs some minor modifications like grinding them down from 30mm to 29mm, cutting the springs of the
mounting bolts by 2 coils and some cutting to make the upper spring fit perfect (see 2nd photo) - or use M5 mounting kit...


Replacing all rubber mounts in drivetrain:

In spring '14 I decided to replace all rubber mounts (tranny, diff and rear suspension) including Guibo as they
were worn out after 255000km.
Picture shows all parts (tranny mounts not shown) and some homemade tools to perform the work.

Replaced left engine mount and barrel bearings for rear suspension @ 395000km.




more to come...