This is a short documentation of what had happened during the 2.5 years of rebuild:

In September '94 I aquired a damaged 315 for getting some spare parts, I took out the pedal box and cut the roof  "for future use" ...

Project started in March '95 when I got the 323i auto with defect cyl. head and OZ Alpina style 15" wheels.

In June '95 I bought a damaged 525e (US 528e) as source for engine a tranny.
In February '98 I bought a 323i chassis w/o engine but with full recaro interior.
In October '98 I bought a '88 325i for its tranny and future e to i upgrade.
In February '01 I got a 323i with LSD and dog leg 5-speed for free
In August '01 I got another 323i with LSD and Bilstein / Koni for free



June - August '95: disassembling the E28 for all later needed components
April '96: cutting and welding all rust holes on E21 chassis
November '96:
replacing the complete roof
January '97: swapping complete driveline, tranny and engine
May '97: Volvo Front calipers
July - August '97: painting and reassembling
September '97: Remus exhaust, Bilstein suspension
January '98: sport pedal set, VDO gauges, Blaupunkt stereo
July '98: getting it street legal (took 8 month)
October '98: swapping tranny because of noisy bearing
February '99: rear strut brace with battery holder was installed
April '99: swapping eta cat with i cat and install SEBRING headers
August '99: e to i upgrade incl. i-head i-ECU
November '99: new conrod bearings
January '00: cross drilled rotors front and rear
February '00: clear front turn signals, drivers door handle from UK model
April '00: Chip, different chips can be selected via switch
February '01: new rebuild engine installed
March '01: Alpina style (replica) front stress bar
April '01: E21 headlight wipers
May '01: 3.64 LSD installed
October '01: Alpina C1 suspension (Bilstein Sports, AHLE Springs)
December '01: new instrument cluster (E21 Style) with 260km/h electronic speedo (E28)
January '02: reworked audio, new soundboard with Blaupunkt 6"*9"speakers, Blaupunkt amplifier
March '02: new upholstered rear headrests
June '02: new 3-point injectors from a late M40 engine installed
July '02: all glass replaced by scratch free parts, new windshield, new chrome trim
Feb '03: E12 chrome door handles installed
May '03: rear pop out windows installed
August '04: installed switches for simulating AC (to rise idle) and for O2 meter in glove box
October '04: clear turn signals rear developed
August '05: upgraded to E30 in-tank fuel pump, upgraded injector harness to late E30 version
June '06: new EBC performance brake pads front
August '06: new O2 sensor
June '07: installed 3.91LSD and went back to 3.64LSD after 300km
August '07: 525i E34 cat made to fit
February '08: Schrick 284/272 camshaft and big tool box installed 
May '08: BBS RS071 (7x15 ET16) with 195/205/50/15 installed
July '08: strut bearings with 5mm offset installed
May '09: new front big brake upgrade - 284x22 installed
June '10: Superflex bushings for swaybars (front/rear) installed
August '10: E30 oil cooler installation
February '12: adjustable cam gear and Alpina replica valve cover installed
November '13: replaced rubber bushings of rear trailing arms
May '17: new tires Falken ZIEX 914 195/50/15 - 205/50/15
June '19: reworked instrument cluster, rebuilt on E30 cluster base as E28 cluster tach did not work anymore
July '20: new ingition harness




 Images of the rebuild

m27frontthn.jpg (2266 bytes) m27sidethn.jpg (2202 bytes) m27-unpaintedthn.jpg (2164 bytes) m27-paintedthn.jpg (1845 bytes)
m27-engbaynew2thn.jpg (2575 bytes) m27-engbayoldthn.jpg (2776 bytes) m27-engbaynew1thn.jpg (2093 bytes) m27-insideoldthn.jpg (2579 bytes) m27-insidenewthn.jpg (2781 bytes)
m27-dooroldthn.jpg (2433 bytes) M27-doornewthn.jpg (2099 bytes) m27-trunknewthn.jpg (2067 bytes) m27-trunkoldthn.jpg (2029 bytes)
m27-clusternewthn.jpg (1575 bytes) m27-clusterpartsthn.jpg (1969 bytes) m27-roofnewthn.jpg (1605 bytes) m27-roofweld2thn.jpg (1715 bytes) m27-roofweldthn.jpg (2567 bytes)
m27-enginerightthn.jpg (2562 bytes) m27-engineleftthn.jpg (2518 bytes) m27-remuscplthn.jpg (1781 bytes) m27-exhaustbridgethn.jpg (1609 bytes) m27-remusinstthn.jpg (1914 bytes)
m27-323engdwnsidethn.jpg (2596 bytes) m27-323engfrmtopthn.jpg (2749 bytes) m27-autotrannythn.jpg (2599 bytes) m27-downnewthn.jpg (2344 bytes) m27-drivelinebaythn.jpg (2243 bytes)
m27-catthn.jpg (2009 bytes) m27-cat2thn.jpg (2192 bytes) m27-exh2thn.jpg (2361 bytes) m27-exh3thn.jpg (2875 bytes) m27-exh60mmthn.jpg (2617 bytes)