New Toy: '87 M3 E30

After long search (almost 2 years) in June '03 I found a M3 in mint condition:

m3_1.jpg (81726 bytes) m3_2.jpg (111911 bytes) m3_3.jpg (104593 bytes)

here are some details:

- AC - working properly
- diamant schwarz metallic
- black leather
- rear headrests

- headlight washing kit
- interior light delay
- heated door locks
- heated windshield washer nozzles
- BMW soundsystem - now in combination with Blaupunkt CD and amplifier
- BOSCH Alarm incl. tilt sensor with activating lock under left taillight
- Evo front spoiler
- Evo rear spoiler with flipper
- Evo air ducts
- clear turn signals
- no sunroof
- 8*16 and 9*16 BBS RS1 with 225/45/16
- M-Tech II steering wheel
- strut bar front and rear
- rear pop out windows
- engine reworked (head, new timing chain, seals...)
- new brakes front and rear
- new rubbers (engine mounts, sway bar, rear x-member...)
- chipped (switchable)
- Evo (215hp) cams
- factory rear roller blind
- BBS RS 8x17 (narrowed down 8.5x17) front and 8.5x17 ET13 rear with 215/40/17


more images:

m3_front1.jpg (169840 bytes) m3_rear1.jpg (179307 bytes) m3_side1.jpg (88108 bytes) m3_side2.jpg (104993 bytes) m3_side3.jpg (121746 bytes)

valvecvr.jpg (92529 bytes)


What to do when the thermostat is defect and not available from BMW:

There was a backlog of 230 pcs at BMW Europe in Aug '03, so I had to open the housing
and tried to install some parts from a M20 thermostat.
After 2 hours it worked perfect, but will swap it out as soon I get the new one from the dealer.

thermostat_open.jpg (42015 bytes) thermostat1.jpg (31633 bytes) thermostat2.jpg (73440 bytes) thermostat_closed.jpg (43727 bytes)


Why does the interior light delay and keylock heating not work?

after several repair attempts (cleaning and soldering control box in A-pillar) and
reworking the plug in A-pillar it still did not work properly...
Reason: control box near door handle has lost grounding fin (common problem on these things)
after soldering a new fin to the box it works perfect.

delay1.jpg (93412 bytes) delay2.jpg (88060 bytes)


How to make a switchable chip?

As I got some different chips, I did not want to open the ECU all the time.
Solution: all chips burned into bigger EPROM, each SW is selected via binary/hex switch
attached images show the adapter socket with switch and installed version in glove box:

switch1.jpg (46573 bytes) switch2.jpg (62433 bytes) switch3.jpg (88131 bytes)


Battery main switch:


How conrod bearings look like after 170 000km:


New rear muffler - Friedrich Motorsport 2x70mm (dog already tried to unpack it):


Homemade throttle sync tool:



E28 wheel bearings modified for M3 E30:

Front wheel bearings for M3 E30 are very expensive and hard to get.
E28 wheel bearings are pretty much the same, but with a different ABS gear ring installed.
Below you see how to convert E28 bearings into E30 M3 bearings by swapping the ABS ring:


Bosch AC compressor seal kit:

the AC-compressor was leaking at the front seal, so I've ordered a seal kit. Later I've noticed that the
housing was leaking through a crack around the mounting boss, so I again had to remove the compressor and
had to fix this as well.


2022 BBS RS 17" Upgrade:




Aug 2003: rework of engine, new seals (top and bottom end), new chains, new head gasket
Sep 2003: clear turn signals 
Oct 2003: leather reconditioned
Oct 2003: new rear tranny seals installed 
Dec 2003: installed stock springs, adjusted rear Konis to something softer
Jan 2004: installed rear pop out windows
Jan 2004: modified electrical fan starting temp to 82degrees (stock 91)
Feb 2004: installed new ball joints front left, new brake fluid
Apr 2004: front wheels - new alignment, new diff oil
Jul 2004: blacked out rear lenses
Aug 2004: 3.46 LSD upgrade
Sep 2004: Evo rear wing with flipper
Oct 2004: rear headrests installed
Nov 2004: battery main switch installed
May 2006: cams from 215hp engine installed,E36 M3 timing chain tensioner installed
Jun 2006: new conrod bearings installed
Jul 2006: minor rust repair, E30 convertible shock tower reinforcement installed
Dec 2006: flat hex covers for BBS RS - images will be published later
Jun 2007: new O2 Sensor, short shift from Z3 1.9
Jun 2008: factory velours protection carpets for feet compartment installed
Aug 2008: factory rear roller blind
Aug 2010: AC service, new dryer
Jun 2011: throttle body sync using homemade tool
Oct 2011: brake service with new seals, new rear muffler - Friedrich Motorsport / Master of Sound 2x70mm
Aug 2013: another AC service including new compressor, expansion valve and dryer
Sep 2014: replaced all rubber bushings on rear suspension
May 2016: replaced all 8 gas springs / shocks in sport seats (sourced them from E39 standard seats)
Aug 2018: new tires 225/45/16, new oil service
Aug 2019: resealed AC compressor (was leaking through front seal), fixed one cracked AC hose
Jul 2020: replaced front wheel bearing using E28 part and swapped ABS gear ring
Sep 2020: new ignition components (Bosch rotor / cap, BMW ignition wiring - $$$)
Jun 2021: replaced some balljoints left front
Jul 2021: reworked AC compressor, leaking through crack in housing
Aug 2021: new /reworked DME main relais (fixed intermittant stalls / misses in hot conditions)
Oct 2021: new inner dishes for BBS RS 9x16
Sep 2022: BBS RS 8x17 (narrowed down 8.5x17) front and 8.5x17 ET13 rear with 215/40/17








to be continued....