Parts for sale

here you find a collection of some parts which will be for sale.
You can also use the images to identify parts and options.

If you are interested in a part feel free to make me a fair offer.


Steering wheels
Suspension parts
Miscellaneous parts
Cars for Sale
M3 E30 parts
3.45 ring and pinion

Shipping rules, shipping to the US

Click on the image to enlarge for more details:

Steering wheels:

Image Status Condition Description Price
formuling32cm.jpg (89362 bytes) available good Formuling 32cm diameter  
formuling36cm.jpg (123328 bytes) available used Formuling 36cm diameter
needs work, adapter missing
selm_1.jpg (124303 bytes) selm_2.jpg (134925 bytes) not for sale yet very good Selm
with E21 adapter
mtechwheel.jpg (113204 bytes) not for sale yet very good original E21 Mtech wheel, broken adapter - needs work  



Image Status Condition description price
bbsfront_2.jpg (106860 bytes) bbsfront_4.jpg (62331 bytes) sold used Original BBS front spoiler (factory option)

minor crack
needs paint


bbsfront_3.jpg (117991 bytes) bbsfrontsample_2.jpg (62677 bytes)
bbsfrontsample_1.jpg (83765 bytes)
mtechfront_3.jpg (59946 bytes) mtechfront_2.jpg (89082 bytes) sold good E21 Motorsport front air dam

needs paint

mteche30.jpg (109730 bytes) mteche30_2.jpg (75120 bytes) available very good original E30
Mtech spoiler, fits E21 and E30
mtech2e30_2.jpg (134498 bytes) mtech2e20_2.jpg (112084 bytes) not for sale yet very good original E30
Mtech 2 spoiler, fits E21 and E30
zenderrear_1.jpg (71304 bytes) zenderrear_2.jpg (82705 bytes) available good Zender rear
zenderrear_3.jpg (59746 bytes)
airvit_1.jpg (75342 bytes) airvit_2.jpg (82268 bytes) sold good AIRVIT spoiler


foha2.JPG (61494 bytes) foha1.JPG (50495 bytes) sold used FOHA rear spoiler  
hellarear_1.jpg (122160 bytes) hellarearsample.jpg (148609 bytes) available very good Hella rear spoiler

mounting bracket missing

hellarear_2.jpg (83750 bytes)
zenderrearskirt_1.jpg (102321 bytes) zenderrearskirt_2.jpg (92438 bytes) sold good Zender rear skirt, 3-piece fits
below euro bumper
zenderrearskirt_3.jpg (79070 bytes)
fohafront_1.jpg (108604 bytes) fohafrontsample.jpg (93256 bytes) available good FOHA front spoiler, fits pre '79 models, later cars need modification,

foam rubber



Miscellaneus parts:

Image Status Condition Description Price
kamaiair.jpg (128080 bytes) kamaiairsample.jpg (155614 bytes) available good Air scoops for bonnet  
deflector.jpg (118071 bytes) deflectorsample.jpg (87165 bytes) available good Wind deflectors for door windows

2 sets available
sunroofdeflector.jpg (84777 bytes) sunroofdeflector2.jpg (86811 bytes) available good Wind deflector for sunroof

3 sets on stock

fits all E21 and E30 models

rearlens.jpg (84711 bytes) available used cover between rear lights

red one is sold
silver (painted)

yellow_hl1.jpg (74987 bytes) yellow_hl2.jpg (79028 bytes) sold good/new Euro H1 original 
yellow headlights

4 used / 2 new
low beams, 2 mounting brakets
singleheadlightkit_1.jpg (106041 bytes) available good Original euro 4Zyl single headlight set

1 set available,


hellaheadlightkit.jpg (80017 bytes) sold good Hella upgrade kit

0 sets available

mix of 7" (outside) and 5" (center) lights

m10header.jpg (149468 bytes) m10header2.jpg (163780 bytes) sold good Headers fit

all M10 engines

ansam20header.jpg (69683 bytes)   sold used ANSA headers fits 2.0l and 2.3l M20 only

Downpipes to 1st muffler missing

headerbig_1.jpg (109567 bytes) headerbig_2.jpg (97002 bytes) sold used Headers fits all M20 engines 2.0l to 2.7l in E21 and E30 Downpipes to 1st muffler / Cat missing, pipes shown in picture need mods to fit  300,-
abse30.jpg (95931 bytes)   available used ABS from '88
325i E30


sold used carb manifold for M20 engines
for use of Solex and Holley carbs, perfect for use on stroker (2.7l) with stock or sports cam
melber_1.jpg (93298 bytes) melber_2.jpg (109587 bytes) sold bad Melber 7*15 ET12

Set of 4

needs lots of work



Suspension parts:

Image Status Condition Description Price
xmember_1.jpg (74567 bytes) xmember_2.jpg (80788 bytes) available good 6Zyl M20
front crossmember
incl. E21 M20 specific motor mounts

1 set available

Image shows E21 vs E30 mounts

mounts.jpg (30854 bytes)
zfcpl.jpg (96372 bytes) zf_1.jpg (97347 bytes) not for sale yet good complete set of
E21 power steering

pump defect


zf_2.jpg (73451 bytes)   available good ZF steering rack

for E21

rearsusp.jpg (175651 bytes) rearsusp2.jpg (98526 bytes) not for sale yet rebuilt 323i rear trailing arms

1 set completely rebuilt (Brakes,

rearsusp3.jpg (229725 bytes)


Drivetrain parts:

Image Status Condition Description Price
  sold good ring and pinion set
out of a 3.45 diff
(from 323i)
2 sets available
3hp22_1.jpg (91304 bytes) 3hp22_2.jpg (140356 bytes) available good 3-speed auto
transmission incl. torque converter

fits E21 and
early E30 M20

m20dogleg.jpg (96174 bytes) not for sale yet good E21 sports gear box (dogleg)

for M20 engines


 misc. model parts - E30 / E39

Image Status Condition Description Price
mk_springs.jpg (92702 bytes) mk_springs2.jpg (91854 bytes) sold  used sport springs
MK Motorsport

height wheel arch front/rear 60cm
  sold used front differential

for 325ix E30

1:3.91 ratio 

  sold used Power steering E30

for 325ix 

swwiwa2.jpg (133219 bytes)   available incomplete parts of E30 HL washing kit

only parts in
image are available!
  sold used front x-member

for 325ix E30


  sold used E39 M-Tech sway bars
including rubber bushings
front: 24mm
rear: 14mm



Shipping rules:
Shipping to the States is not a problem, works pretty fine - shipping time is about 2-3 weeks
with standard US postal service.
Note:    box MUST not be longer than 105cm
          5kg weight will cost about USD 40,-
          10kg will be about USD 60,-

Shipping af larger items will require a special (read expensive) service from a freight company.
f.e. the Motorsport Airdam is only 6Kg but shipping will be calculated on volume basis and
will cost about USD 220-300,- depending on US location. Shipping time 1 week.
Shipping by boat will take about 4-6 weeks and save USD 10,-

Paypal is the preferred method.