Instrument cluster

Old version of the cluster was made of E21 front part of the housing and E28 rear part. All parts were glued together.
An E30 speedo with the e28 scale front plate was installed because of the correct gearing.

m27-clusternew.jpg (13655 bytes) m27-clusterparts.jpg (23949 bytes)

During winter 2001/2002 a new cluster was developed:
E21 housing
E28 260Km/h electronic speedo - recalibrated to 205/50/15 wheels
E28 tach 7Krpm with econometer
All gauges are installed in the E21 housing, the electronics is seperated via 2 cables
and has its new home in the foot compartment.

260_cluster-1.jpg (48829 bytes) 260_cluster-2.jpg (50711 bytes) 260_cluster-3.jpg (41383 bytes)

Unfortunately in 2019 the E28 based cluster showed some issues with tach not working anymore.
So I completely rebuild the existing cluster using an E30 cluster / electronics:



Regearing the 3.45:1 LSD

As it nearly impossible to find LSDs here in Europe the only chance to get a 3.64:1
is to regear a 3.45:1. All you need is two working diffs (no noisy bearings) and some technical experience. 

How to change ring and pinion

Diff is running well - no whining, no noise,...

Here are some images of disassembled diffs:

diff1.jpg (22756 bytes) diff2.jpg (21071 bytes) diff3.jpg (22118 bytes)


Rear Soundboard

Rear Soundboard was made of 2pcs 12mm wooden plates and an 20mm offsetring
to fit the 6*9"  speakers above the trunklid spring.

soundbd-1.jpg (31207 bytes) soundbd-2.jpg (128200 bytes)


Rebuild of 2.7l i-engine

During winter 2000/2001 a rebuild of the engine has taken my free time:

325i / eta block rebored, milled down for 1.4mm (to correct the CR)
diesel crank
new 325i pistons
eta/320/323 conrods
slightly ported 325i head with 284/272 Schrick cam
Cam gear reseated to compemsate new block height - new: adjustable cam gear in 2012
6.3kg 323i flywheel (eta flywheel: 10.4kg)
ECU with Alpina B3 2.7 chip

mahle-ks.jpg (15804 bytes) newblock.jpg (24957 bytes) m27-ihead.jpg (28163 bytes) newpistoncpl.jpg (22794 bytes) newks.jpg (33949 bytes) Adapter.jpg (244278 bytes)



Following images show the suspension upgrades done on my project car.

m27-rearsuspthn.jpg (2461 bytes) m27-strutsfrontcplthn.jpg (2185 bytes) m27-strutsfrontdisthn.jpg (2444 bytes) m27-strutsrearcplthn.jpg (2333 bytes)


new: Alpina C1 suspension (Alpina revalved Bilsteins, Alpina - AHLE springs):


offset strut bearings

here you can see how to fabricate strut bearings with 5mm offset, installed in the original E21 rubber mounts:




Front: Volvo 4-piston calipers
Rear: E30 calipers (no image available)
Crossdrilled rotors front and rear

m27-volvocalinsthn.jpg (2487 bytes) m27-volvocaloutsthn.jpg (2411 bytes) m27-xdrilled.jpg (23269 bytes)

More Infos to the brake upgrade can be found in some mails about brake upgrades
(special thanks to the BMW320/323i digest, Jack Roberts and a lot
of other E21 gurus):

Some documents about the upgrades:

E30 Rear Caliper Upgrade Re brake conversion Brakes Eta
Girling Caliper Upgrade Re Brake Upgrade RE calipers

front big brake V2.0

BMW E28 caliper + pads
FIAT / Alfa 284x22 disk
custom made adapter to fit E28 caliper to E21 hub
custom made brake lines


E30 oil cooler installation 

finally I managed to make an E30 oil cooler fit into the E21 Chassis by modifying tubes and hoses.
This took really lots of effort and I cannot recommend doing it again...
First I used an old E21 front as template to install an old oil cooler and make the tubes and hoses fit.
After that a new oil cooler and new bent tubes were tranferred to the project car.
Here are some shots to get an idea of the upgrade.



adjustable cam gear 

together with a new timing belt (after 15000km - 10years) I took the chance to install an adjustable cam gear which allows
a proper tuning of the Schrick 284/272 cam.



Alpina look alike valve cover 

finally received my Alpina look alike valve cover (which obviously Alpina never had in their portfolio - but looks interesting, anyway).



Sebring Header
325i E30 cat - '07 replaced with E34 M50 cat
Remus mufflers on both sides with 102mm tail pipes

m27-sebring1.jpg (23562 bytes) m27-sebring2.jpg (21306 bytes)
m27-cat.jpg (21386 bytes) m27-exh2.jpg (23386 bytes) m27-exh60mm.jpg (25746 bytes)
m27-exh3.jpg (31456 bytes) m27-cat2.jpg (26555 bytes)

E34 M50 cat installation:

Referring document: Remus installation


Roof cut section

The complete roof has been replaced with one from a sunroof model

How to do the cut

DO NOT cut pillars straight and weld them again (you can't weld the middle layer) and you'll loose body stiffness...


fitting an E30 intank fuel pumpe incl. fuel level sensor

I recently built another modified E30 intank fuel pump / fuel level sensor kit.
Basically the resistor wires in the sensor need to be swapped and the pump unit need to be cut by 8mm

Below you see some photos: